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ReU 創傷復原網絡

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創傷; 解離; 創傷後壓力症(PTSD); 解離症; 解離性身份障礙(DID); 多重人格障礙(MPD); 人格分裂症; 幻聽; 焦慮; 恐懼; 驚恐; 失眠; 情緒問題; 人際關係困難; 家庭暴力; 童年創傷; 精神健康; 研究; 教育

Trauma; Dissociation; Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); Dissociative disorders; Dissociative identity disorder (DID); Multiple personality disorder (MPD); Split personality disorder; Hearing voices; Anxiety; Panic; Phobia; Insomnia; Emotional problems; Interpersonal issues; Family violence; Childhood trauma; Mental health; Research; Education


We cannot control or change what happened in the past, but we can make a change now!

過去的經歷可能為您的身心帶來影響,但只要您願意,您也可以改變您的身心(e.g., 練習、治療、正念、學習、結交好友)。

The past experiences may have impacts on your body and mind, but if you want you can also change your body and mind (e.g., exercises, therapy, mindfulness, learning, making good friends).


Avoidance is an understandable reaction. But, sometimes, when you are avoiding bad things, you are also avoiding good things.


Bad news! Research shows that bad things can change our brain!


But there is also a good news! Research shows that positive experiences can also change the brain! There are evidence-informed approaches to support trauma survivors.


If you have body/mind reactions after some experiences, it is totally understandable. Remember, it is not your fault. You can improve step by step.

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